Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Its amazing

Its rained and rained well,the weather people say 7mm for here but looking at the bucket in the garden this morning nah nearer to 15mils,the rabbits were amazed too,they went runing out to dash back to the verandah and sit hunched,it was a bit cool but very funny as one was sitting under a leak,flicking his ear and his fluff was dewy should have taken a pic,lol! Its made a big different that I went to work in yard yesty,new territory to hop through,its drier this afternoon so now they are out exploring.A bit discerning for one of them,hes only got one eye and semi blind in the good one,hes just starting to run into things if you shift them around.
Ok I have knitting and spinning pics,love these two projects
First is the linen st scarf,maybe a boring scarf but Im loving the mindless well linen st does require some awareness,the yarn is soo soft,my magic ball,I may go find another one later!

And geode,merino silk alpaca and gitz ,this is coming out like a heavy silk Noro Yarn,Im planning a hat out of that Holiday Book over half way through it! I really would like some of Charlies Hallowen stuff!

Hope these X large Pics are annoying but I do like to see what Im looking at..did I mention new glasses next week,a bit costly but look stylish,well I hope they are too much!

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