Monday, December 05, 2011


Oh dear I didnt realise how long since Ive posted AND I still havnt got pics of quilts,well they are surprises ad the recipients are around all the time...
Last week I lost another member of my family,it was particulary hard being so close to my own fathers and I think I was a probably a bit hard to live with,feeling lost and unable to fathom life.I shall miss him and the conversations we had, even though far and few between,I wanted so much to ask for his help when I got through to being a teacher with his years of experence. I feel for my cousins and hope to catch up with them early next year,living over here in WA has its advantages but latley Ive been missing the girls in my family...
Christmas is around the corner,I havean assignmnet Monday week which I dearly want to get done as soon a possible so I relax and enjoy this year...Im going to give what ive got and see how I go.
In the mail today i got the first of a couple of jelly rolls
From these lovely ladies,I going make a quilt from the Moda Bakery, think I refered to it last post
I m thinking of this pattern in the future for one of my sons too using 1 fat quarter bundle, Birchbark Lodge by Holly Taylor featured in this quilt   Better not leave my job just yet,LOL
I got the socks done,washed and ready to wrap,hard to give these away,they are softer than the other colours for some reason or maybe I just love the colours,last year I knitted a pair out some expensive yarn that I bought at the Toodyay Retreat and designed my own pattern too for a special Aunty,but the cables made them a bit firmer than i was happy with so this year Im trying again (she wouldnt give them up!) and dearly hope they are a good fit and not too long as I know she a similiar size to me but I dont know if length is same.Moda vera,Noir in Laguna..going shopping to find this colour again

Oh and I found these precious little earings,also on their way to a special person and again Im on the hunt for a pair for me...
Topaz with diamantes on the side..exquisite
Can you a common theme in colour here...........

My Fathers Love rose popped two flowers out and the camera wouldnt pick up the correct colour but its fairly close,a light red and the flagrance is beautiful
They went straight into my grandmothers vase and lasted three days but were divine smelling
Waiting eagerly in the wings and I check everyday and hope the visiting biy buck roo doesnt sniff him out(the bunnies would ahve him short shift out the back) is my Sturt desrt pea and I think I may see a flower or two coming through...
And of course the obligatory bunny shot,Taffy loves sleeping in the loo,Fluffa was no where to be seen..
I think she has been sleeping under my old Honda too looking at her scruffy back..

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