Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bubby Stuff

I saw this on the news page this morning
and it brought back what happened to me,I had an allergic reaction to syntometrine,during the arrival of my 4th son, but in my case the doctor had never heard  or seen a reaction such as mine,my blood pressure shot to 180 over 120 and was still climbing that no one recorded the last reading before they managed to stabilize me,that wonderful Doctor(Dr Kevin Coleman) sat with me right through that night I was told later so shocked and concerned he was. I was airlifted out to a bigger hospital next morning to make sure I was ok (CT scan) and although I had nasty headaches following ,they couldnt find anything, I had six months of feeling I was dragging my left leg but recovered to go on to have another 5th boy 19 months later,he was a different story altogether lol.
Oh Ive been dreadfully sick with some nasty flu like thing two of my older boys had earlier this week,I haven't finished the hat but here it is as now

Love this pattern,,, I did change needles, 3.25 for band and 4mm for rest,two balls of 8 ply,going to rat through extensive stash for more 8 ply and try a stocking st version with a rolled brim
No more work on other projects and study begins this week so they will just plod along
Waiting for son 1 to text results through from the trials,so hoping he does well.
 Country Tom

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