Saturday, May 25, 2013

Still Plodding along

Ive been a bit lethargic lately not posting though have done a bit of knitting,I'm nearly done with the Rikke hat,looking forward to wearing it on Monday to work,it was freezing this lat week,I nearly cried one morning knowing I have to do this for the whole three months of cold weather,with no respite in at times appears to be hostile environment.
Now Im developing the flu that half the family had last week,it was bad enough to stop son no 3 from going to school which he never does though No 2 went anyway to work,he was sick too.
This week I become ogre to no 5 as I set to train yet another assistant,Im putting the foot down this time however and insisting the book be followed to a certain extent,if theres any bully tactics its head office they ll deal with.I ve had enough,told one thing and they do things another way leaving me to function out the cold literally
On other things ,no pics but if the suns as beautiful as today Ill do a photo shoot of a few things,in saying that Ill edit this post and the heading to suit
Count down to the annual trip to Toodyays "Avon Valley Homestead" retreat,looking forward to it but I wont have a new sweater etc to wear but it will this be a time to finish a few projects sitting there in the neglected basket.the Victoria will be coming with me too so i can also get another roving down,trying to keep it simple and enjoy myself
tomorrow,Sunday my dear No 1 is racing  down near Perth in the State trials,I wish him safe and successful racing,wish I could be there to watch

Photo: Toms ute sparkling clean maybe I should get busy with mine

And a not very happy Bunny,it was raining and she had holed up under some insulation at the back of the yard,Hubby thought using the blower might encourage her to retreat into the house but no,she had to be dragged out

Photo: Fluffa was a good boy this one wasn't. Even the blower wouldn't shift her from under the wood pile
And from there you can see Hubbys near miss with a chainsaw,Men can be a real worry some days
Of course I managed some cooking this last week,a miracle I know,choc raspberry muffins
Photo: These smell divine. Chocolate raspberry muffins

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  1. Good luck with winter! And thanks for welcoming me back to blogging <3. i am loving reading everyone's stuff and seeing what's been happening.