Saturday, July 15, 2006

A new addition

We have a new addition to our family!Meet Snuggly!!!!!
Shes a long haired lop eared RRRRabbit that unfortunately Tilly the JR thinks is breakfast lunch and Dinner, and has been able to grab two times but only got a mouth full of fur! I have been a bit hard on the boys and not letting them play with her(she was a Birthday pressie for No 3 son) but I found they weren't quick or vigilent enough as Tily is very cunning and fast!

Heres another veiw with No 3,we all love her and she is fairly quiet and has only dug in the claws when spooked,even I can't get enough cuddles .She has a comb and brush set too!The very fine fur is nearly 2 and half inches long and am already wondering if she will need clipping in summer as 46' might be a bit hot with all that fluff! I emptied the fire place tonight and left the bucket of red coals near her hutch and shes already settled in with every strand of fluff standing up! I didn't want to leave her out there but I didn't have anywhere safe for her inside from Tilly and I reckoned there was enough underdown on her to keep her warm(I will add some coals to her fire bucket before I retire!
On the knitting front,very busy knitting thick house socks fora friend but allas I haven't taken a piccie yet,maybe tommorrow.And.......
Ihave ordered two books from The WoolShack.
The first is Jo Sharps latest book with her new alpacca yarn and the second is Knitsceneas I want to do the Green cable knit jacket that is in a new KAl starting inSeptember.I will get the pattern and work out an alternative yarn hopefully from Bendigo mills!I couldn't find it for a while but eventually I did,Check it out, I can thank Shazza for letting the 'cat 'out of the bag!!
Well i'm off,hopefully I will be back tomorrow!!!


  1. Oh Snuggly is a cutie. Rick has been wanting a rabbit but with 3 ferrets and a cat, we're not sure it's a good idea.

  2. Snuggly is so cute!!

    I am so looking forward to the Central Park Hoodie KAL.

  3. Snuggly is lovely. :) Hmm, rabbit fur for spinning?

  4. LOL, the fur is like cashmere and although I haven't measured it ,I think this summer I may have a sample to try on the spindle!!!(if it survives the constant eye off from Tilly) I am thinking of finding a mate for Snuggles.....

  5. Hey Cathy, what yarn have you decied to use for the KAL, I think I might go for bendi ARAN, for the $$$ factor.