Saturday, July 22, 2006

The end of holidays

I have enjoyed these holidays,although I had to work right through,there was no need to make recesses and lunches up for 4 kids(two really,but sometimes they were running behind) ,and work was more relaxed with no staff or students to plan work around!
On the knitting front I got a sock finished and ready to start another pair for variety,
These are Hawthorne Cottage corredale 8 ply handdyed by me.I used a pattern that I found on one of the free sock pattern sites using Cleckheatons country 8 ply.Its a great pattern and this is my second pair using it.The next lot I will be using a basic 8 ply ,simple and straight forwardas I found the constant 2 x 2 rib was a bit hard on my hands and arms especially with the Thoratic problems.Also with these socks the person I'm doing tem for wanted ankle type socks for house slippers.Heres a close up of the sole where I used the heel method of slip every second st every second row to form a nice warm padded effect!
You can see how the colour patterns were disrupted.I'm pleased with these though,easy adn best of all the recipient is happy too.
This the 2nd secret Pal parcel to reach me!!!!!! Not really sure yet what I will do withit but sort of thinking of a curly whirly type scarf and lucky for me I have 4 more of the mauve so I might enough to do something a bit more substantial.But besides the yarn,look at the card,I looked everywhere for a cute knitty card and end up putting in a lovely floral one which is intended to be a hint to who I am..... Anyway.. a big thank you to Anne who let me in on her name with the first parcel and really, how can you send a parcel without the return address ,or am I just being old fashioned... can't wait to find out about Anne ,who she is and all that,I know she reads this journal,so I hope shes enjoying a read and hopefully a laugh!!!!!
This the first of two books that I ordered from The WoolShack just because!And I'm pleased I did as there are heaps in there that I will/would like to do,,,,,,too many in fact!!!!!
This vest is one and if you want to see more check it out on the Woolshack site as you can see whats in each book before buying!

The other book is the Knitscene Mag that has the Kal Pattern That I am starting in I think September! I would really like to do it in a deep sapphire blue but being a Aran pattern,10ply is hard to find and economical as well. I will probably buy the wool from Bendigo as it will be cheaper,sorry,economical. It looks like it will have to be a sort of darkish denim.Pretty though according to a best friend and I agree if thats the way I will go!!
I think I will make this in a larger than 'me' size so I can add toggles down the front,more wearable then for me any way.Otherwise I will look Graany like hugging the jacket across the front!I am so enthused this pattern that I'm also toying with the 'cheap'yarn from KMart.Its fun to look at all the alternatives from overseas too!I don't want to spend too much as I still have my eye on some Lornas laces..........
Look at what THE DOG did to my sock!(it had no needles in it when I found IT) Its back in order now butI was worried at first!!!!I think she was jealous of the Bunny!

Well it looks like the blogger has had enough and wants out,so that'll be it for tonight!!!!


  1. Love the 8 ply sock, I downloaded that pattern, but haven't knit it yet, must pull the finger out!

    The central park hoodie would look good in a denim colour!

    Maybe you should knit the dog a "stuffed" sock???

  2. Hi Cathie, Thanks for visiting me and commeting. You have got your work cut out for you with all those projects!! My clap is coming along nicely I'm happier with it now than I was. I think Zhivago would be great for a clap becuase of the drape that it has. I look forward to seing it finished!! lol :-) Stripey

  3. its the sock wool from hell!!! The one your dog had "fun" with. The lady I work for gave me a ball of it and told me to make toddler socks...So I had to get three little pair of matching socks out of it (not as easy as getting two adults pairs) she has given me ANOTHER ball of the stuff..and told me to make BABY socks out of it!!

    If it wasnt for all these little people socks I probably would have LIKED the wool! lol


  4. i love woolshack too and am knitting the roll neck jumper in alpaca kid lustre for my mum in that green, its coming along nicely and her patterns are easy to follow!!!!!!
    love your sock wool, impressive dyeing!