Saturday, August 09, 2014

Still alive

Im still here and still going,had a rough month,Im looking forward as if I let my guard down Ill shatter to a million pieces
Moving on,Im on the last two weeks of last sub for Var26,it all Chinese ink and creating bits about layering and mark making,the last I dont thnk Ive covered very well but over all I will pass and with luck it ll be in the 70s which is a distinction,samples of some stuff

and a finished project and on nearly there,hand spun colr samples of merino silk,plied with cormo single,in linen stitch,its so nice,for those with tactile sense,its truley squishy joy

Katia Darling,very slippery but cosy sock,my pattern used up both balls
Currently doing a Bendigo Luxury 8ply baby blanket in the Tirimisu pattern,using 5mm for the soft handle
,trying to find time to start a pair of sock in the same but black for Hew and a 10 ply watchman hat for Patrick
There a little update which is better than none....ta ta!!

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