Saturday, April 03, 2010

Lotsa rain!!!

Ina short time.We had a massive storm last night,starting around 2 am,it slowly made its way over the town and finsihed around 5.30am.When I did to see the radar map it shows a large horizontal cloud that traveled in a different direction to what we ve getting.It meant we got the full force of the down pour as it came out of the hills behind us.
We were lucky it only came up to our front door,thank heavens for DHs new toy, the laser level that he used to check if our new verandah was high enough as we d been told of the water levels last time it flooded!
Receding the first photo, though the passing yobos out sight seeing were a bloody nuisance,making waves with their 4x4.

The poor neighbours on the right were flooded out!!! As were the young family further right,have been told since their house is unihabitable,they moved out by lunch time.
Saltbush Rd....see the idiot driving through? thats pushing More water into those flooded houses.
Water heading into town.Im looking back towards the creek it entered from!
The Playground going into Sturt Pea St
And BP Dam,see the water roaring into the dam through the culvet! We had some big storms before but flooding like this, not for at least ten years!!

On the knitting front Ive finished the River Avon,it fits beautifully and have started on a Sock Head for my ill SIL,knitted in gorgeously soft KA Cashmere in Beijing Blue.Im using 3.25mm needles,it looks quite good so far and hope it doesnt come out too loose, I am having trouble with the finess of the yarn but once I get into the rib it should be ok. I might start off the 4 ply Possum hat(Vogue) for me too so I have abit of variety.On top of that Im also starting Tea Leaves with the very lovely Berroca Alpaca from a destash on Ravelry .... 

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