Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Hot and Humid

The last two nights we ve had thunderstorms which surprisingly have fallen over the town!!Beautiful and cool at moment but in the morning by 8am I expect it to be sticky!
Im not on here for long,I must do at least two hours reading/study but I have managed to get past the patterning part of River Avon and hope, when next I allow a treat of an hour of knitting, I may get to the arm holes and then itll be quick!!I have a few things I want to start and all is lined up on Ravelry, Ill be back with piccies(but Ive said that before!!!)
Meanwhile Ill be trying to read this massive Art History Book and also trying to formulate the outline of my first Essay as Undergraduate,anyone else in this position make your self known!!!!Id love to "talk" to other Online Learners!!!

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