Monday, January 25, 2010

My lawns

My Lawns, not really but Im the only one who lays awake worrying about them.... substance,sick thinning and didnt react to anything done to it..

Not an exciting heading but its taken me a least 4 years to see a result.It wasnt a case of throwing water and fert on them,we battled vandalism,drought,heat,bugs to no sign of improvement.After trying different methods I went back to the basic,organic seaweed fert,Seamungus that looks like reintroduced micro organisms and organic matter,I started to get excited(not as much as a parcel of yarn etc,LOL) when I could see the lush green developing in a wave like pattern across the grounds,then toad stools(which stink and Im thinking I may have to fungicide later but think at moment its a good sign for improved soil) popping up in among the greener parts.I can see a vast difference and can cut once a week easily on a level 7 on the mower,if I walk over them they are soft/cushiony under foot,just hope the students dont trample them too much when school starts again on Monday.
Now and getting better!!!!

See the darker patches coming through!!!!
This areas still only 50%,used to get bogged on the ride on!!
Lush and I actually stalled the mower on Sunday!!Yoohoo!!!
Now look at the last photo,the tell tale green wave is starting to join up,it should be fully lush by the end of Febuary,I ll take updates if only as record here in case Computer dies and I lose my photos!
Excited you bet!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh Im on count down now,only 4 weeks to go..must buy text book this week,$128 but hopefully worth it!!

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  1. Lovely lawns, it must be so good to finally see some progress!

    We've given up on lawns in Canberra, we're not allowed to water them any more, and the place looks awful :/