Monday, January 11, 2010

Holey Shite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, been knitting working and generally enjoying the quiet time that Christmas usually brings,not many traddies at work,only some top dressing,the painters scarpered before Christmas and it was just me and the birds for few days...Bliss
Here's the top dressing in action...

Nearly done..

Just looky at that colour,its taken a while but with tender loving care I think Im on awinner,as uausl I doubt the boss will take notice but isnt thats what agardener is supposed to be able to to do!Maje it green? if only the full and true story could be told.....
Knitting news!!Im about a third up the front of the River Avon Vest!!I absolutely love this pattern and yarn,Bling by Zen Garden. Ive looked around and found the yarn in the UK ina beaut blue..might get some later when I work out exactly how much Ill use in this vest!!

Im abit further than this .... heres a  close up of the stitch detail!!

Ok, now onto the heading of todays post,I was thinking to myself as per usual, last night,planning the next few weeks to get the maximum value out of my time before Study starts and I came to think of which nights are more likely to be productive study wise and which I can use as my treat nights and it hit me brainless,a twit or whatever but it dawned on me that to get the necessary study time in, so I could still have some recreation time I WOULD HAVE TO PUT a FULL 5 HOURS A NIGHT,yikes A full time 45 hour a week job that starts at 5.30am and finishes at 2pm,Im going to be a zombie!!Never fear I shall conquer!!! I figure I wont know the extent of the work load til I see the paper work,Its art,it was one of my best subjects,the theory I did 45 out of 50 in the exam so I must be able to at least talk the lingo,Uni stuff is much more indepth of course...Anyway if I get an hour or so in before the hourde arrives home and then have my work area set up I should be able to do bits while cooking meals,Ha ha ha they wont know what hit them some nights,easy meals etc,Hubby hates Spag Bol .Combined with the hours on the weekend where I can study in normal hours,lunch breaks and the fact the subject should be interesting,the pracs should be awesome,drawing Im looking forward to..So to cap it off, Im not so freaked as I was last night.
Id love to move to Perth where, in my ideal world, Hubby gets a great well paid job comparable to the current one and the kids go to a great school and I get to go to the actual UNI!!!Im thinking the additional fun bit of the Curtin Knitting group too.................................................................; )


  1. Sounds a pretty fantastic course but I hope you don't work yourself into the ground! (Pardon the pun for a gardener)

  2. ShitFace LookBack9:21 PM

    wat is the meanin of diz?

    1. Rene Basher9:23 PM

      Did you just type holy shite in search box of google?