Saturday, January 23, 2010

End of the holidays

A new year is definitely here,the official start to the term starts tommorrow with Admin staff back at work and end of peace for me....
This year my focus will be on cleaning up the debris thats seems to have increases rapidly over the last couple of months(on top of the last tens years worth),the heats knocked the trees a fair bit so leaf shed has been more than usual.Other than that, the lawns will be taking precentent over other sections till I can see at least a 50% improvement .One sides getting well past that now and only have the other sections to pick up.
I went down today and mowed so I could apply that gift from the Chooks, Dynamic Lifter, boy its on the nose but really it means green to me.I treated the lawns with Seamungus up til Christmas to get the micro life going and its obvious when looking at photos from last year.The lack of sufficient rain has hampered a lot of rapid progress but now the wee bugs are hard at it working, the addition of chooky poo will  give everything that final boost!!
Knitting News
Im just finishing off the chemo hat in Rowan Wool Cotton the colours Blue Wash and I thought it was abit darker! Im just adding the band which is attached horizontally while picking up the live stitches.It'll probably use all up about 1 and 3/4 balls!Would dearly love a semi fitted v neck sweater in this,colour included...Hats must be on my mind at the moment,waiting for agorgeous skien of possum/wool from Knitters Addiction in delectable red for a pattern I found in Designer Knitter
 Im waiting for another yarn shop to find a particular rich blue in 4ply Cashmere for this pattern Im hoping that there ll be enough for one for me too so I can wear one too and know the recipient is not alone.Cancer is my biggest fear (like every other person ) Ive had a few tests over the last couple of years but it doesnt alleviate that thought at the back of my mind when twinges happen and I hurt where I shouldnt,I did have a thought accur to me some time ago,do creative people seem to be the most noticable people to develope this disease/illness ? I know of a lot of people including people in my own family,they were mostly very talented artists in the creative field,my Nanna was a very talented spinner,prolific knitter, tatter and crocheter,winning alot of prizes in the local show,a great cook too.I wish she had survived longer to see some of  her talents passed to me,though I suspect its come out as obsession with me!!!
This wonderful person is currently giving her avid readers an insight into the current treatment for breast cancer and I raise my hat (knitting needles) to her bravery and wish her the very very best in her battle!
Back soon with more photos,a certain boy needs to check Myspace....

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