Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Cool Change

We had a wild storm/thunderstorm with a bit of hail(car safely under cover) yesterday late afternoon and it was exciting to watch it from our front verandah!!!As stroms are few and far between, we delight in making use of our relatively new verandah!!B.. has just bought a nice little setting for us to sit and watch the sun setting and Im getting use to going out there to knit quietly for a few minutes sometimes with a glass of something in the evenings,even son no 1 is clueing into it!!! Usually on watering days I can sit and watch the birds have alast bath too!!
When we get the last stage done(the cement drive) and the rest of the garden planted itll look like I envisaged a few years ago when I first strated planting!Ive decided that instead of a cuple of roses and an archway Im going with a country garden thing with a Black Turkey and maybe a citris of some knid,a Eureka Lemon? and under them Ill put pea hay and gradually introduce a prostrate emu bush. Theres about four cuttings I took from work that I got going and put in about 5 years ago and they re taking over,its withstanding an onslaut from a bit of couch thats starting to move in.

Knitting.... Im about 2 inches from plain knitting on River Avon,have started a Rowan Wool Cotton Chemo hat,still halfway through that Ixchel shawl,finished another pair of socks, above...

Hmmm,thinking thinking...Oh thats right Ive started another top down called Sassymetrical out of some merino handspun,I need another 3oo metres to do what I wanted so off to Ebay to my fav seller(Highland CottageCraft) for this colourway and TRY to spin it up as close as possible.The 3 skeins Im working on now are unfortunately more an aran or ten ply weight,hopefully I wont have to rip what Ive done and make bigger,its gorgeously soft and has halo developing as well! If this is not what I expect Ill redo on 5.5mm needles,seeing Ive ordered 300g of fibre and hopefully spin a match there should be heaps!Heres another version,absolutely love this one!!!
Hmmm got a trend happening here..notice the blue? if you could see the Chemo hat you'd understand..Rowan Wool Cotton,delish to play with!!!Off to do some housework,yuck yuck!!

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