Saturday, January 02, 2010

New Year

Ha Ha Ha,its a New year and I feel that this year will be a good one,good news from friends helps too but I feel invigorated and ready for anything well almost,theres a shadow there on the horizon but we ll deal with that when it comes along..
Ive got my short list happening for the Toodyay Retreat,I ve started the River Avon Vest and enjoying that with plans for two other main items.
I had to frog the BFL socks back to ankle but should have it finished by tommorrow.BFL is lovely to knit and would love to commision a special dye job from a very special lady but have toooo many projects going, to need to get ahead first!!!
On the really short list
  1. Cabled vest out of Beryl fleece
  2. Vestish in burnt orange Heirloom mohair
  3. Simple vest,waiting for English version in Beatrice or Jet
  4. Beatrice Vest
  5. Another vest in ..something
  6. A Topper in hmmmm. Luxury...
  7. a cardigan
  8. Ditto!! !
  9. Wurm...
  10. And 'cause I love it
Now ths is a very short list ,have another list elsewhere...,if I can finish some  here I ll be very happy!
The River Avon,this lovely pattern comes from lovely Anne at 1morerow and when I saw her wearing this vest I was intrigued and as being local designer Ive decided after procrastinating to cast on.Its in Zen Garden Rasberry,very nice to knit with ahint of sparkle.Take swhile to get around each row being over 250 sts but Im getting there...

These two next balls have been in my stash for awhile,I havent decided really what to do with them but vestish can have the mohair,a warm light vest with an interesting style and the pink hmm,sort think a plain office style v neck but being a soft colour maybe a lacy one...

This year's  going to a busy one,Im enrolled in a  3 year Uni Course and am wondering how I m going to handle 20 hours a week study plus a full time job,caring for a large family as well....Hubby s nicely reminding me I wont have time to knit/spin,what does he know,thats my sanity anyway if I dont do some.. the stash will keep growing..
Photos of my success at school

These were yellow and dying until we had some nice falls in the last few months and also with an addition of organic fertilisers,such as Seamungus,they're gradually coming back.For a gardener like me thats as good a Chrissy Pressie as ever!!!!They arent top as some would sarcastically point out but I know whats what and Im happy...actually theyve improved nicely with no kids running on them too...

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  1. Happy New Year Cathie
    That river avon vest looks gorgeous... Looking forward to seeing your version of it...

    Take Care
    Jodie :)