Thursday, October 21, 2010

Back again

Hmm I thought Id just put something in today,maybe I just want to talk! It feels like rain coming in but I think its a drought cloud that promises but declines to produce! Theres a coolness already as though its already dropped it moisture someplace!
Been home for an hour and just chilling out with a coffee I shouldnt be having! I really should be checking my Oasis account but I think Ill do some study tonight and get an idea started for esssay,set up the cover sheets etc then spend weekend doing the fun practical stuff,itd be nice to get a good night sleep so I can feel top of the world on Saturday!
Im spinning some luscious Bunny BFL Silk from Ixchel Fibres for the Teabox that coming my way very soon,I hate to part with it but I know something just as lovely will come along and if I can enjoy spinning this and giving it away Ill have some room.I really should put up some stuff on Rav,really need to get house organised,its disgustingly scruffy!
The long awaited CSM  or Auto Knitter from NZ ,is arriving by air shortly so Ill be able to turn out some socks and clear more room though if I get good at this machine Ill have to buy another chest of draws to store them.Im only using this machine for the coarser yarns like opal and the standard yarns like Patons leaving the yummy STR issues for handknitting!!!
Im hoping there ll be instructions in the box....
Isnt this lovely,I paid a lot for these and only have two colours left and the Ebay supplier, the only one who could send to WA hasnt got any for sale! I did have them in the ground but they werent doing  very well so potted them up.Im hoping to get a red and yellow ones so am very keen for this seller to open up again!!
Anyhoo I off!

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