Monday, September 13, 2010


I went to log to find I was still logged on since the alst time I posted,dont know how that happened
Anyhoo,Im home sick for a bit,ulcerated throat etc,docs at 11 with son 5 in tow as he needs a referal(lets not mention school here,at least for moment..) Im enjoying some quality,if you call it that,time with him,my baby,he needs some time out from pressure so we re playing with collages! I found this marvelous artist called  Mike Bernard,his site and how he does his work from a UK based art magazine,The Artist,June 2010 edition,The Practical Magazine for Artists,theres a step by step guide how he does these gorgeous works.Im doing a second one now and helping Benji do a basic one to show him a easy step by step way so he develop his own style later if it interests him! Hes off to new school soon to help him reach his potential thats been side stepped here.
My first effort as a quick project for Uni work,it was something using text in work and response to text.Mixed media using collage,modelling texture paste and acrylics. Its not supposed to be a realistic representative but I keep looking at and several bits appeal.I have no doubt its barely out of High School standard but Im quite chuffed with it.Im currently doing a canola feild so theres no structured elements like the corragated buliding like this one so its very challenging.
I havent any new knitting though Im still plugging away at that kilo of polwarth top so I can dye it up for a pattern I sort of picked ages ago,(when Im finished and Ive washed and tested the gauge then Ill check its suitability)
I dropped off the first two assignment for this SP units,Sculpture and Contempory Art,essay writing,scary but once I get into it I rather enjoy! Im  not keen on the scupture but no doubt it ll bite as all practical things doand Ill fill the house with yet another "fad"
Fluffa been annoyingly cute lately,I think he gets lonely when we away from the house as he sits next to me and insists of many pats when Im trying to study!And bites when I dont compy quick enough.He needs shearing soon,his a bit well matted so maybe hes itchy! I dont wan to have his entire fleece removed as I have to go home to my parents soon and mossies are rife on the Darling and of course theres no one to care for him here so he has to come too,his fleece may give him some extra protection from mossies carrying myxo.
Ill leave you with some more flowers..

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