Friday, September 07, 2007


I thought I better post as I probably wont have time this weekend with the others arriving home tonight sometime,I would like to get the house into some sort of order after another long week.

The greatest news ever is that I have been awarded the position as Senior Gardener,note I changed it from head gardener after the partner of a senior staffy made a somewhat suggestive comment to my husband who was furious and declared #&@ must be a fruit loop,LOL. Anyway I pleased as its permanent and providing I dont stuff up in th next 3 months everything will be hunky dory!!! Now I will have to coach my assistant in applying for that position now....

The not so great "news" is that ive picked up the virus that has floored quite a few in town but with me its all head aches(sinus,not hardly a sniffle thank heavens) and fatigue,didnt take time off but did go home an hour early for a couple of days...

Ive finished spinning one lot of Mandies Tops that I bought, Shangri-la which I ve started to knit into a wide scarf using the Old Shale Pattern, Im gambling on having enough yarn to get a decent length but as Im using singles and fairly fine I may get away with it. Hope I dont have to Frog it mainly because I dont trust singles to be very strong though Ive already undone a bit of it with little damage!!

Also in the bad news bit spinning wise, the Victoria wheel lost a bit off the base of the conrod so its now bandaged up with a bit of electrical tape to support it, I have my suspicions on how it happened and believe its a design fault. I emailed Louet North America but havent had a reponse yet. It needs a new conrod which I wanted to have as a spare anyway because of the way its connected to the wheel. Im also going to contact the lovely lady I bought it from to see if she may have a quicker response from the company,surely theres some support since it cost a mint to start with.I may have to start looking at Lendrum as a portable wheel(hope Hubby doesnt read this!)

The line points to the bit that broke off,the top half of the conrod the the flexible bit is screwd into.I hope I dont get into trouble for showing this picture of the Vicky ......

And now for some extra info on that lovely shrub that I posted about recently!

Chorizema cordata, Australian Flame pea, Im going to put a few more of these into the gardens and one day when mine is more mature Ill add some there too.... the link is of Images on Google as I found it hard to find any information on how to grow these plants that was condensed enough for linking but at least these show the variation of these gorgeous plants. I usually give them a trim back about a third after flowering to maintain a shape.The best part about these plants ,The roos havent eaten them,yet.....


  1. Chorizema is one of Nathan's favourite plants, especially that cordatum with the pink and orange flowers (he loves them!).
    My majacraft little gem II has survived a trip in a suitcase to the USA and numerous trips in my (now ex) car. Having rubber(ish) cords as the drive bands might be more sturdy than I thought!
    Congrats on being senior gardener :-)

  2. HURRAY and Congratulations Cathie!
    I am thrilled to know you got the much sought after position of Senior Gardener! That must feel so good! I am so happy for you!

    Thanks for letting us know the Flame Pea's name...... I knew it was a pea flower of some sort.
    All this Australian Flora is still so new to me- but am loving learning. :)

    If you ever want to wander around and take pics of plants that you like or are particularly striking- and then post them and tell me what they are- I would LOVE that!
    I also would love to see the yarn you've made with Mandie's roving.

    Once my email is up and going I also would love an update on how Pam is doing with her spinning lessons.... don't give up on spindling. I love it! It's very relaxing and portable. I am learning to do some laceweight spinning- I am not sure I am going to have the patience for it- but I sure love how my spindle dances away while I spin!
    Thanks again for the update!

  3. OH......OH.....I just bought one of these hoping it is tough
    "coral flame tree "((Chorizema ilicifolium))
    your picture below is beautiful
    also bought polygala ..know its tough and a wonga wonga vine ...
    Congrats on the job .....