Friday, September 21, 2007

Roll on Weekend

What an exhausting week,we had to make sure all the gardens were pristine as far as the roos would let us,for the Art Exhibition and then set up and mark the field for the Annual Athletics as well.All was going well more than usual as we had some lovely people volunteered to mark up the track while we did the field!

The S#%t hit the fan when we found out that the V....... surveyers had flown out that morning, but the boss and his main man were going to do it after school the night before the event,panic stations as it actually takes quite a few hours to do this job.Come 3pm I went down with our trusty line marker with a lent battery from a local buiness and we are on the way,thankfully even with the blockages and breakdown all was completed by 7pm under lights and the sports went ahead like a dream,phew!!!!!

I am so stuffed,I had 2 late days and some how sleep is evading me too and havent been able to spin,though I started another pair of Opal Snake socks for a Xmas gift but havent been near my spinning Wheel/s,maybe thats whats wrong..withdrawal?

I did however recieve a box of goodies from lovely Mandie! Ill post a picture later but it had the Precision Lazy Kate and a few parts and dye of course. Ill put it together tommorrow in between packing Hew up for Country week in Perth. Mandie put an extra goodie in too so Im hoping to spin a bit more to try this out....wonder what she has in store for us this Sundie!!!!

Oh before I forget,the Art Exhibiton was also a success and this year I put in my Quilts that Id made over time and a lot of people made some lovely comments!!! I must take some photos hopefully tommorrow,before they re all taken down!!!
Ps Sharon!! that flower in a pot under the spun bobbin is indeed my own plant and Im very pleased its flowered so well as it was an expensive plant to buy!!!!

Ill leave you with another lovely flower piccie!

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