Saturday, September 01, 2007

Fathers Day

Fathers Day and I forgot to send over a gift and card for my Dad and DH is off to Kalbarri with Son no 3 for a school camp,Hubby opened his mouth a couple of months a go and the teacher nabbed him,LOL

Should have taken a photo of them getting on bus but 5.15 in the morning when it was very cose to frost? I was busy snuggling into my possum jumper and wrapped up with angora fluffiness around the neck to think of that!!!

Anyway After I finish my resume today I going to cook some lovely bickies like those cooked yesterday for the School Camp, spin a bit(my reward for getting that paper stuff done) and hopefully have a spiining Pal come over,this arvo for chat! This week with two of the bigger peoples out of the house Ill make some headway into finishing some projects including Gift socks, the beanie in The West Coast Eagles colours for a staffy who cut everthing off for Bluey Day on Friday night, he was very shy about it but the beanie made out of gorgeous blue heirloom wool and a little yellow Country for the stripe will make his day tommorrow And finish another bobbin of that black fleece!!!

See how I go....

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  1. Aah pretty flowers, I can't take anymore pics today (Probably a good thing). Husband & daughter have gone to Muscle Cars Masters with the camera.Followed your link to Garnstudio, wow all those free patterns, have you made any? Will save to favs and look later. MUST GO guest this week.