Saturday, September 22, 2007

Katy My new Friend

ITs HERE!!!!

Mandie sent this over this week and Im thrilled to bits and cant wait to use it!! And that lovely thread in the bag tooo!! Thankyou ,youre a lovely person,made my day!!! I still owe you that sample of Icelandic baa baa and Ill also put in a bit of that lovely black fleece Im working on too!
I first thought to ply it(the yellow thread) with that lovely bobbin that I finished off but I will pursue socks I think,anyway I have plenty of fluff still and have am nearly finished another lot of Mandies roving so methinks perhap it will marry very well with it!!!!Hmm Ill wait and see,maybe theres a spot for me in the ringside this Sundie?

I present Katy such a precise lady.... with two worn out bobbins!

And look what I found hiding in my messy garden this morning!!!Been waiting twelve months for these to show and theres more colours to come!!!!


  1. OK, so I'll bite. What is a lazy Kate? I know what a lazy Susan is (apart from me that is), but have never heard of the other.

  2. What a beautiful iris, Cathie!
    I have a fondness for them as we had them when I was growing up in PA......not the fancy ones like this-just the plain old fashioned "blue" flags..
    they had an amazing smell to them sometimes... which I don't think the hybrid ones have.
    I can't wait to see the other colours you have planted. I haven't checked out your other blog in awhile- be sure to post LOTS of photos there for me-please?

    Hope the spinning is going well.
    Did you get any rovings on Sundie?
    I didn't get a one- not one!

  3. Wow... What a beautiful flower! I've only just built my house and have not yet established much of a garden. I'm so envious of people with gorgeous established gardens.
    Keep up the great work!


  4. Lazy kates are so handy for plying! But then you need Even More Bobbins.
    That is a very pretty iris :-) I have some to put in pots here.