Friday, October 05, 2007

Home again!

We arrived home from Perth 1.30am Tuesday and I went to work at 6,does that tell you anything about how I may have felt by Lunch?, definitely something the cat dragged in ,by the back legs. Im only just starting to appear sane and normal in some kind of way!

We both came to the same conclusion that, that will be the last Perth Show we will attend, well at least with kids!
Hmm, where do we start first!!!

It wasnt the money,thought most things were reasonable well priced,it was the stifling crowds ( did hear an estimate of 200 000 passing through gates )and the size of the grounds, it ages to get to all the things we wanted to look at! Our boys were well behaved and didnt whinge TOO much!
If I peddle fast enough Ill get the blow dryer going!

After an hour lined up at the ATM on the second day I gave up doing anything much,couldnt find the arts and craft stand til it was too dark to take any piccies and I was really a bit nervous of doing so in case the owners objected(some people are a bit funny!)
Son No 1 doing his thing! A tail whip where he spins the bike frame and reseats before he lands!

DH telling boys about how it works,most hilarious is the fact a lot of the historical farm machinery we grew up with and even used at some time or at least our fathers did!

No I dont feel old.....

I did score a 100g of luscious chocolate Alpacca top hand carded with a bit of silk and 500g of white plain Alpacca from a lovely lady in the huge shed that housed the show Alpaccas and a few pink pigs(including Durocs too).

What I was mostly excited about with the fibre was that the white bags were processed by the Goldfields Mohair Farm near Bendigo,the choc one she did on her own carder!! This lady was the best! The other one who also had a stand showing some bits including yarn and articles made up was simply not interested when I attempted to converse about spinning and carding etc,I seriously doubt she knew much at all.The first lady was full of interesting information and generally it was a great to talk to her.Wished I had been able to buy some of her processed Alpaca, gordeous blue and a mossy green,they were of varying weights/lengths so I couldnt add quickly enough and seriously I had to keep some change for the kids to go one the rides(poor things had been living on promises all day!) I do have her card however and will make contact later to get some then!!!
I will be back.......


  1. Anonymous12:18 AM

    Glad that you're home safely. I'm with you on the crowds...can't stand 'em!

  2. I'm exhausted just reading about your adventure at the Perth show. I really can't stand the crowds either. Looks like the boys had a great time though.


  3. I so know what it's like to go to the show (in my case, the Royal Melbourne) with kids and little coinage. Our wants tend to be put to the back in order to make a better day for the children. At least you can contact that lady later, and still get your hearts desire.