Saturday, October 13, 2007

A warm Sunday!

I spent all yesterday on the Computor typing and organising my assistants application for a job,Im fast gaining a reputation for being able to do these darstardly things,note a reason why I use Sometimes Unwilling Guru,LOL.
Ive come to conclusion that I should keep my thoughts to myself and maybe then Ill have some time to do things that get put off to help others.
Not that I really mind,I love helping people and most of the time they are happy recipients.Im really going far out to help my Mate here with this job 'cause I hope not to have a new person start and find them not "nice"! Beside I prefer to work with a friend and definitely not a undesirable.... leaving that to imagination...
Anyhow today Im running around like a beheaded chook,cleaning as I go and hopefully Ill be able to cut and sew the finishing border on my Dear Mums Quilt top as it was her B'day on Friday and lousey timing ,Dad in Hospital having major Cancer Op and Mum is on the Property on her own and I didnt time things tro have aspecial Pressie posted last month,yes Im doing the real guilt thing!! Couldnt even do a Flower thingy as they would have been dead by the time she got them,Back of Bourke sort of thing!!!
So Im going all out to do this Quilt today,get the wadding this week when I have to go into Kal to get the Ride on lawnmower out of its hospital.Ill be able to pick it up quickly(the wadding I mean ) as I know the lady well enough in shop for her to have it ready to go!!!
Sort of playing with doing some crazy Quilting with some gold or gold toned thread to high light some sections.... Will have a think.....
Leave you with this....Some minor birds having a bath! Hear the wattle birds laughing in the background!

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  1. My cockatiels like the video very much!