Sunday, October 28, 2007

A finished item and a teapot

I finished the ISE5 scarf ,here artfully posed near the roses! Its turned better than I thought,so light and lacy,only 50g here and enough to wrap and tuck,the remainder ball looked too dark and I didnt want to risk too much colour change!!!

And the faithful teapot for my Tea Cosy Pal....

Now Ive finished the scarf I can start the Cosy....hmm a bit stuck for a pattern,could do the lovely flower one I did last Chrissy but I feel like change....


  1. Hey there, I've missed your posts.
    I had the assessment on Friday, there were 7 of us, pretty intense, no one even asked when we would find out anything, we just bolted out of there. There is about another 100 people to go through, don't what kind of numbers they are planning to employ, but I know the intake covers the next 12 months. Hope your assistant gets through without any of this hassle.

  2. Hi Cathie,
    The scarf looks beautiful. Looks like you are keeping busy as ever. I do love the colourful quilt.

  3. What a gorgeous scarf!

  4. Beautiful coloured scarf!

  5. You know- the more I look at that scarf the more I love it....that is amazing colours and the pattern is so great for showing each other off. :)
    I love that Pay It Forward idea- count me in. ;D

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful art, Cathie. :) :)
    I always look forward to more as it comes into creation. :)