Monday, September 03, 2007

Nice and Quiet

Its amazing how quiet it can be when a couple of people are out of the house! With B and P up at Kalbarri I'm only cooking for five! And theres room to move as well,less washing,I can come home from work to little mess! I miss them of course ,the quietness is a little unnerving! Wonder how Ill cope when they fly the coop! Talked to them yesderday and all P could talk about was a big blown up dead cow on th edge of the river where they boated. I asked him if he'd seen any crocs yet....silence followed by"I dont think so" and heard B say "they saw us though!".....LOL
I came home an hour and a bit early today,the virus is fast catching up and I'm a little tight feeling in the chest... hot and cold too and sluggish but at least I stayed and got a few bits done at school.Didn't infect anyone as Im out in the grounds (offsider reckons shes coming down with it too...)

The big Resume went over the counter yesterday but I'm a bit iffy about the main essential one though people who Ive asked opinions of think its great,(thanks Mandie!! Boosted confidence !) The Head Cleaner reckons Ill get the job,ha ha ha,she said shell eat her words if I didnt,LOL. I'm hoping for a phone call in the next few days,at the worst Ill be offered another 6 months to polish up the paper work,Don't want to write another one for a while.....

On the fun side!!!! A bag of Silky Green Lambswool Sock yarn arrived!!! I'm thinking Embossed Leaves socks!
Nearly finished second pair of the lovely Baudelaire sockies,love that pattern but its taken a while to get the first one done as I was waylaid with other urgent projects. This pattern is addictive and being my night time project as its so easy to memorise!!If I remember correctly this wool is a Regia Stripes? feels soft to touch on the ball and feet but I thought it was a bit harsh to knit ,though Id knit with this wool again if the colour was right,LOL, LOOOVE the colours! Keeps me motivated to get to the next change!!
Checked out Mandies dyed efforts at last,my computer refused to up load piccies but they were all gone anyway..just as well, I want to get some chocy coloured yarn on Friday, (DAY OFF,YIPPEE), at the LWS , 'need' to make a vest..was trying to save my wool allowance to get some Silkgarden from a great ebay "wish " store to make a knitty pattern that I could have used a lot during Hockey season! I have to stop ogling Mandies gorgeous stuff and stay off other sites.
On the wish list also, are the jumpers for my parents .Dads easy with classic V jumper in Spinifix? but Mum,I cant pick a colour in the yarn I want( she has a bad habit of dying her hair in horrendous reds,she wont read this so I can be honest,LOL) or the pattern that will call out to me and wont get boring..... wool from Bendy of course
OK! off to hang the washing again,still feel yuck but teas easy tonight...


  1. Good luck with your application!!! Hope you are feeling better soon, we have the boogelly virus down here too.
    Love the socks and the green wool is to die for!!

  2. Ah yes, isn't it funny how we LOOOOONG for sweet silence, then when we get it, we don't feel comfortable with it. Such perverse creatures that we are.

    Good luck with your job application. I recently applied for a job, and didn't even get a "thanks but no thanks" from them.

    Love that green yarn.