Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Alas

Oh dear,its the end of the weekend,its was a reasonabley successful one but I would have liked to have got more of the assignment done,I did a couple paintings,one a major for last weekends exercise,procastrinated all week and only did it this arvo before irono\ing all the  school clothes...
And a little one for the diary,I love this one and its was great fun to play with..
 This from a photo I took of an very interesting eucalypt growing in sandy country while we were out wood cutting,these were the fruits and the whole tree was lime green!
I havebt any pics of knitting but I doing the pocket to the Harvest Sweater and have finished that hat,if I get time Ill post as soon as!
Any jpw O have three major painting assignments to do this week plus three small works,one will be pastel,one a lino print(have to carve it yet) and the third a fabric one.Wish me luck....

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