Saturday, November 05, 2011


Ive procastinated too much today,the last few weeks Ive managed to do a pile each day and found myself trying to beat the clock,the garden was attacked and will be again later this coming week,I need to get the last weeks stuff out to the tip as Im about to get more crud out of the yard,the cruisers box is nearly stuffed and I havent my licencse for the Dyna,Hubbys busy so Ill just have to hope the old girl can get to the tip and back before she complains and jacks up,she needs a major heart transplant,I love her to bits and hope Hubby doesnt have to sell her...
Above "Peace" rose
Theres four roses left in the garden out the front,the shasta daisies over grew them last year but Ive cut things back the daisies and moving over further and I hope to get a Rose called "Fathers Love" to fill the gap.

Look what I found today!! We ve had a fair bit of rain and all manner of things are coming out of hiding..warning a "small" spidder is featured,gorgeous wee thing

Ive been practising my macro lense,a bit fiddly but so far worth it,will step up to a better one in the future..
And the grevillea close up,never ceae to amaze me...see the bee,I was trying to get him but like the birds they clear off as soon as I point the camera.............

And a large weavil beetle,he was trying to hide in the little pots where theres three frangipani cuttings hopefully taking root.Everything is leaping out of the ground,the lawns just taking off,the bunnies are delighted of course...

On the knitting front I need to go dig/find the box with the Country Silk so I can continue the
Cardigan so I strated that hat and this my progress so far

I started on the outside as it was thicker and I wanted the band to be firm in fit and not lacy lacy! The stash   will be enhanced a wee bit soon but have ideas for the new lot so they er relatively guilt free,LOL
Targets books will be perused tomorrow,I want to make some stuff for this week so hopefully between mowing lawns and cleaning up yard AND painting Ill get some in the oven..
Hmm off to get some work done Ta Ra@@@@

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