Saturday, March 10, 2007

Navajo plying

Lots has happened this week,a new wheel has arrived, lots a spinning and the weather is looking very knitterly.....
This sock which I started a while ago is the regia stretch that Yarnivous had knitted a sock with and gifted to the lady they stayed with in Merridan,WA. I loved the colour and manged to find it on Ebay from somewhere in the States.It was only after knitting with it for half a sock that I realised that there is a fine elastic strand running through its centre,very observant of me! Its lovely to knit with but I am wondering how long the elastic will last!
The next is my first attempt at navajo plying,it was learnt in a matter of minutes albeit rough,skeined,dyed and kniting started in half a day.The fibre is from Bendigo mills in amix of merino,alpaca and mohair.This was a seconds batch as it really needs to be carded again as the fibres are all over the place. Its also makes for itchy spinning as I am partially allergic to the fine dust coming off it,no problem once washed ,thank heavons. This bag was 1.4kg for $16 roughly,Hubby came back after I had already made my purchases in the Mill shop holding it high like a fish just caught out of the river,thrilled at his find.It was relegated to the back of cupboard for couple of years but finally i dragge it out and with care its like an ugly duckling.
Im rather fond of the result,its heathery and reminds me of a Jo Sharp yarn though I don't remember which one,LOL As photos show the first lot is destined to be Jo Sharp tea cosy

This is some nobbly silk plyed with BFL that looked at me and said it wanted to be a different colour and so I obliged, its a mulberry sort of varigated result with more purple berry than pale tones and looks gorgeous.Not sure where it will go or what it will be ,all I know is that I couldn't get the camera to record the colour properly.

I tried the glad wrap dye method this time,normally I just dip dye and hope it comes out the way I want!!!!

Ill be back,Son No 1 has a flat tyre and needs a lift!


  1. Anonymous10:59 PM

    Ok, 'fess up and tell us all about the new wheel or at least post a pic luvvy!!

  2. I'd love to learn how to spin. I have a wheel but not the patience to learn it myself without guidance....I will have to get into a local spinning group!

  3. Re the Regia Stretch - it's Lycra, not elastic, and I've knitted DH two or three pairs that have washed and worn beautifully for a couple of years. Lovely colours and lovely pictures of everything!