Sunday, March 11, 2007


Here is the requested piccis of my "collection" so far,lovelies!

From the left is the Ashford Double Drive,Ive had this for nearly 20 yrs, its so familiar to use,I can rattle heaps out of her!

The middle is the most recent,a Louet S10,so finely tuned and a pleasure to treddle,I chose to get a single treddle as after initial trial on the Victora I found that at first anyhow I can't concentrate on getting the feet co ordinated let alone learn to spin on a new wheel(or should I say learn it habits) This Louet is however 2nd hand,I see no reason to spend nearly $800 on a new wheel with the extras when on searching, found a very good dealer in Holland who specialises in second renovated ones at 1/4 of the original price! Note this Louet has a skein winder(which is what I went looking for in the first place) and there was a set of hand carders in sale as well,kids have combed their hair so far, I doubt I will use them!

And lastly is the gorgeous little Louet Victoria.Its a gem, its has its own travelling case and in minutes can be set up to spin,just have to get the footies going in the right order!

Thats it,now my secrets out...
Ps Have my eye on a carder in the next few months and next year I hope to add the Hitchhiker to collection!Found another interesting wheel , check out the Celtic Spinning Goddess Wheel, Habetrot!


  1. Very Cool!! I really like this and I am just wondering... when are you going to get a celtic wheel? :) Looking Smashing and being creative and practical go hand in hand... he he he.

  2. Oooh! I'm so jealous. How nice!

  3. Oh they are fabulous and I bet they give you hours of fun.

  4. I can't believe it took me this long to get back and see your wheels!!
    They are lovely Cathy - I could look at wheels all day, I really could :-)
    I want me a HitchHiker friend Hope already has one and she keeps telling me I need one as well!

  5. Visiting for Green Thumb Sunday. Are you still playing? :)

    Cool wheels - quite the collection too!

  6. Hi there.... :)
    I have just been googling Louet S10 and found you...I hope you don't mind me leaving a comment :)
    I too have just bought a Louet off eBay, and am so excited, as it will be my first wheel.
    Typical of me...spindle for 2 days and decide its just not quick enough!!!
    I'm glad you love your Louet, and I'm sure I will too :)
    Sarah xXx