Thursday, March 22, 2007


I just couldn't find time for much this week,though I did manage to get some spinning done.Its fun deciding which wheel I will use today! Theres merino/angora on Louet S10, and now cheviot on the Ashford with the Victoria lying idle in its case half full of merino! I hope to take the boys to the pool this weekend for a swim and will probably take the Vicky with me for a bit of get to know her lesson.Hopefully I won't have too many onlookers,most are used to me sitting in the shade knitting,a wheel might raise a few eyebrows!!!!
Ive been trying to round up some Icelandic roving but haven't heard boo from any of the supplers I found,maybe they aren't interested in seling to an Aussie. Just want to try a bit!!!!
Update,have replies from a couple of people and am to confirm if I can get any wool from them due to strict Quarrantine laws etc, I certainly dont want to import anything that is carrying nasties!
Im up to 5 scarves for the Mothers Day Stall and nearly finished a lone sock and the second of a pair Ive been working on for yonks,they were my portable now and then projects and at least Ill have a couple of new ones when the cold weather starts!
On the parcel side! Ive recieved the last Spin to Knit parcel from Brooke from k1p2ssk.blogger,will make that a link if I manage to get back onto here later! Hubbys on night shift shortly so will get a chance to do a bit more posting then,well thats theplan!!

The latest Simply Knitting,hope the Yarn issue is in the Newsagent in Kal when I take the boys in to see the Mr Bean Movie!

Following is a Debbie Bliss Book that I picked up at the Angus and Robertson Book Shop last week.Its a basic book that is very basic to me but for $20 it has some great edging patterns and a few good general patterns,there I think that justified the purchase,lol!


  1. Great books! I have lots of patterns in mind, but no time!!

    You should have someone snap a pic of you spinning at the pool. LOL

  2. I like collecting basic knitting books. I always find something useful in them.

    I love that purple-ish yarn!

  3. I really do need to get hold of some knitting magazines etc. So far I have never read any, and I don't think they are readily available in my area. I may have to travel outside my suburb to a more up-market yarn shop, or newsagent.
    Hope you are successful with getting your Icelandic stuff.