Thursday, January 19, 2012


Busy with trying to find enough hours in the day to finish current assignment and keep ahead both physically and mentally...
Perth yesty to see special doctor who delivered not good news but not bad as well,I am however sick of the advice thats coming from different angles so Im sitting a while and see if my own mind can see clear enough the path I must take.The flight down and back was very uncomfortable,made easier of course due to a fellow traveller in a similiar position medical/job wise,my ears have never been so bad,I really though they wold burst and I was conpletely deaf on the left and barely able to hear on the right,maybe thats why some passengers were looking at me weird like upon landing,my voice may have been louder than normal in the animated conversation with said fello traveller..
anyhow heres a couple more efforts...
Work (mine safety hat and rescue belts)
Free time

Theres a fourth in production that finishes this series a which Ive named "choices" that we make for a life that we mold with the decisions right or wrong, work (safe),leisure time (afford),play(consequences?) the last, Im doing something that reflects a common problem,illegal substances that impact on the success of the rementioned. Well if I can get into it,the last back up option is an abstract fun close up of anamber beer bottle..
The house is a mess though I managed to do something with the kitchen,the lawn is a jungle..the only knitting I have done is finishing off a pair of Moda Vera Moir socks in the coffee multi and frog and start rekinitting some Lornas laces in a green aqua colour I bought off Yarnivous's stash ages ago,my own design based on Charlies heart socks,have about three inches done on first socks,these will be my work smoko knitting for a while

Oh and now I have my own little flock of baa baas thanks to bestest Friend!!! The little treasures were beautiful and really made my day after all the upsets lately!! Thanks P,your a wonderful soul!!!PS I enjoyed our morning tea yesty too

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