Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Still alive!

Im here feeling knackered but Im savouring  my last few days of freedom,zombie world starts next week I think tuesday when Son no 3 pulls out of shop and goes back to school,life will be in limbo for a few months but Ive list and looking at it now and then may keep me sane..including a new bit of furniture for my room,a side board,a trip home to see my Mum in April,ohhhh thatll be so good to be myself and not have the males of the family to wait on...
Oh in June the Toodyay Retreat!!!!!!! If I can work both jobs which are in theory are from 5 30am through to 9pm at possibly 5 or 6 days a week? we ll see.

Dont know if I posted this photo but was looking at it today and thought Id share( even if it was again)
For tea tonight I thought I didnt have any onions..then I remembered,Pat had some onions in this place

came these...sweet succulent green juicy spring onions
And for size this next pics shows how big they were,currently in a beef cassarole
One day I will have my own vegie plot where theres no sticky burrs too,the men who run this one dont believe in working the plot...
Anyhow my current WIP...
Lornas laces sock yarn,yummy stuff,my pattern..just a little heart like shape that makes the knitting go faster,boring for some but I cant concentrate on anything and I have at least 20 years supply of socks. And as soon as I can find a couple of not tired days Im itching to get that sock machine out to do something with all that opal wool!
Oh and yesterday we had a huge storm went around up out to Lake Lefroy,it was a red storm,a lot of rain in the middle but all we could see was the pink dust and billowing tops!

We did get a little bit of rain but the ground was dry this morning when I went to work at 5.15.It was a little cooler too, and the whole day wasnt too bad though I found it a hard going mowing the lawns at 11am. I enjoyed a nice cuppa and a piece of upsidedown pineapple cake I cooked yesty for an early smoko.
Edited to add.... check this super blog out,they are gorgeous!!! makes me want to try them too!

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