Monday, January 30, 2012

Helloooo!!!!!!!! Im backkkk

I managed to start and finish a scarf,start another Peace hat and get an inch or two done on those green socks,heaps of pics as well,I wish wed stayed just another day or two,now rather depressed I have to go back to work..with half the rest of population
Our time away..
Left 8.30 Friday,got there by 2pm,in time to go look at this..
And this!
The next morning we enjoyed a wonderful english type brekky on our wee verandah and I slipped off to catch these images

 A parasitic tree..Nuytsia floribunda

This a grogeous bush,Showy Banksia

And these fellas delighted me to no end though the park manager didnt go much on them and their mess....
On a very good note we didnt see any of these and I took abndages just incase as we were a 100 ks from medical help and literally no phone reception,caution won!
On the last afternoon,only stayed a brief time there unfortunatley,I ventured into the calmer water and enjoyed a bit of the water fun,Im not a person for cold water but this time I got half way,lol ,Pat was trying out his snorkle and the other two just mucked around in the shallows,I forgot how strong the sun can be through clear wtaer and got burnt badly,I can only just now walk freely,almost second degree from behind the knees down to the feet,several tubes of burn aide later wish we had it with us(been put on list for next time) to wait til home,4 hour drive next day and Im only just coming good but not sure if i can get my work boots on for work tomorrow,my ankles ballooned up and for a while I was wondering if I had been bitten,surely not anallergic reaction to the sea? sam also got burnt behind the legs and Benjy had a pinkish face,Hubby also had red calves,Pat got off scot free,just!
i really want to go back but spend aweek to truley unwind and forget stuff,a plan is happening.It makes me tthink of Toodyays Retreat even more!
On the last note..the only pic of me,god age is showing with the exhaution I seem to suffer almost all the time,its true,Mums are the unofficial history recorders of familes and theres rarely photos of them,I was excited that Hubby found a sea sponge and into my collection of art resources bag it went,I did find a dead puffer fish too but I dont think the men in the group would have appreciated it coming home with us..
I did mange to do three drawings and watercolour thingys,needs a bit gouche to finish the last touch ups but if they look ok Ill post them next

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