Saturday, November 07, 2015

Catch up....

Pretty  excited excited with this, first flower on the new rain lillies, ive got these different sized pots that look wonderful in this small area, ive tucked lobelias around them randomly that can be protected and access to moisture beneath thise pots and allows me to grow a few things that need extra care. Nearby dwarf sunflowers, fingers crossed they will flower as well, the teddy bears or themarons didnt survive the slugs and snails, If I can ,next year Ill plant earlier,.

 Yes Ive posted before but I love this spot and of course the yellow addition is worth showing

And finallly slowly slowly these are coming together, happier now with them even the Willy Wagtail has grown , the yellow wattle shimmers though not obvious here. Ill be framing them next week. Im already planning two more...
Intended for gifts with things not healthy this year Ive chosen to do gifting in a special way ,I hope the recipients enjoy as much as Ive enjoyed creating
Shoulder is gradually improving with  two steps forward and one step back, trying to stay away from the heavy meds too to keep a clear head, the last few months have been stressul and down right devestating  and sheer pretrifying . Having to go to the city for a operation and look after myself scary but one step and at a  time,I made it, but its with a hollow feeling that I think having my other half with me would have been reassuring yet not to be. The map we had worked and reworked for our lives is disingrating , our whole life has been one uphill battle but we thought the light was within reach 6 years ago but somehow we must have drawn that short straw again, my health is something I determined not to let fail as well so theres a chance to even that road up again. Everyday i try to find something to hang onto ,to find some sort of joy whether it watching and listening to  the baby singing honey eater who is behaving himself and not chasing his parents away from the saftey of the big bottle brush,they trounce him if he does, a new flower or a brief interlude with a pencil or brush. Im not used to being idle ,and theres only so much TV  one can watch, the excitement tonight the Starwars Trilogy, Ill say the only good thing is Ive lost weight. I am well aware of those in much worse situation to this and I wish the world would be a nicer and healthier place to live, that friends stick together, that we can find solace in company of beautiful souls of who are far and few between.
 Another photo to end my waffling self pitying post, the last load of wool sent off by Dad, I was fortunate that a local back home saw them and sent them to me

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  1. Anonymous1:52 AM

    My dear friend, just want you to know you are never far from my thoughts and always in my heart :) x
    I like what you have done with the Willy Wag Tails and the Magpies, it's interesting & effective.