Sunday, October 11, 2015

Still toodling along

so frustrating being one armed let alone being right dominant lol when right is in sling, another week at the most so forgive my  typings,lol
 so miss my arts and craft
 hubby is barely able to keep up with basic work here, he did sweep andf pick up this morning , a blessing, Im not OCD, well dont think i am but i hate mess ,when im tired i can ignore it but when i have no choice ,oh dear it irks me, cant hang wshing, flat to wash is after all this time boring ,though i do look forward to the Block, but i can carefully water my seedlings, will have color this Christmas which will be good as most of boys are going fishing at this stage so it will be a lonely day,  i live for my sons , will have to make sure i keep busy. If we were closer to family back home we could do a day trip....
 despite Dr telling me after surgery pain is horrible, i had virtually none,covered very well by morphine and a truely nasty block given prior surgery knock out, worked a treat if i can frget curling toes and chewed left arm, sleeping in a sling and a hareem of pillows helps..
keeping up with my exercises and am noticing a return of arm,one week from surgery almost no pain in stationary position with a tugging sensation at end of current range that becomes painfull if pushed, the odd ache i get im coverig with paracetamol codeine, targin and surgon prescribed double dose of celexib, not sure about that one as GP woulnt lift my dose before, saying one a day is full dose, see surgeon this week so he can tell me if im on target, early appointment means i will have some to myself and the aweful stress im under at moment should help. Found a wonderful litttle coffee shop ill make sure to visit, i love Perth and after this i cant see me being able to get down for a while. If i get my student card i can go down from here for $80 return on train, Toodyay may be a go next year for a retreat too, i may go anyway if i can share room
anyway on my bush trip today
the shire was working on the local dam, apparently the last flood damaged the back of overflow, dont think it did  much but it remains to be seen if they finish the area as recreational are, looks ugly at moment

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  1. Well, good to reads things are going well and your pain level is low. I can use my ipad and talk and it types thing up. I hope you don't get a frozen shoulder, it's pretty yucky. Love the picture of you walking at the dam(?)