Friday, October 16, 2015

Just a little something

I went to Deeva Muirs workshop ,my effort.... Quandongs , this Im not sure is finished but has a home already,WinsorNewton watercolors,some were part of their Australian bush edition released last year?
Deeva had a wonderful display of her work and the Sturt Peas were fabulous,Im going to see if I can get a pic of more of her work if Im allowed to have camera, I think she was born in Thailand? speaks sevaral languages,and started life as an artist in calligraphy,doing her fellow students home work writing the koran and other muslin books,different in each country from what i could gelan,she was lovely to talk too but I felt was a little shy, she ispart of a very successful aborigine art group at Leonora  I did this workshop as I was bored and although couldnt use my arm much I participated as well I could, I did tell her I had some experience with watercolors but she seemed amused at end of class as she leaned over and asked quietly have you worked in this medium before? well yes... I did the class as I needed so much to be among people who were like me,it was a breath of fresh air, conversation was brilliant,met a couple beautiful people including Faye who in her 70s was slowing down in her ceramics and looking at some thing else in the art field, I loved her work,not finshed but beautiful depite her protests,now I want to see her work 
And another new flower from my messy garden, was sold to me as a butterfly hippie but alas it isnt,beautiful anyway


  1. Oh your painting is beautiful. I think you have captured the quandongs perfectly and it is simple and so colourful. Hope your arm continues to improve. It is always nice to art-and-craft with others,

  2. Great quandongs. I am a fan of water colour.