Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wow Cold weather

It was the coldest for this winter this last Monday,it was -3 when i got to work and I was a bit late so it was probably closer to -4,all the hibiscus have been burnt,one quiet badly s it ll need a haircut when the weather warms a bit,even the Grevillea s look sad.Here at home the Plumbagoes burnt but not so bad i wont have a show in early spring(hope we don't get any more frost that bad) and the shoots on the two berry vines,the raspberry and logan berry look a bit worse for wear,I haven't grown them before and this will be their second summer coming up.Maybe I should have put straw around them,I didn't cut them back so they have shoot buds right up those stems. Interesting to see how they go.
I planted Spring onions and last years golden shallots,might get some silver beet going in the shade house,maybe next trip to town I ll see if the nursery has some Broccoli. that's the limit for my winter vegies,with the water bill over a $1000 last time everything has to be worth putting in

Spinning up some camel silk from Charly,its hard going but it lovely all the same,might do the Banksia Cowl, want to get it doen to move onto another,rtrying to get through the mounting stash...

Pic of the day.. hmm is it safe to coming inside or will the Human shut the door

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