Saturday, July 06, 2013

In Retrospect

I would never have gone through with the Ulna Nerve operation and carpel tunnel thingy had I been able to see into the future,I am now left with worse re-occurring pain and scaring to which I dont think theres a cure,Im not happy with how I was looked after my employers and left to fend for myself,its sucks big time when I turn my hand at what could be conceived a normal movement to be frozen in sheer agony and holding my breath until the pain drifts away. something that is happening more and more and with greater ferocity.
So for those you who are considering this operation(6 weeks off work and three months of light duties) think carefully and weigh up the risks,I was under the opinion it was a normal procedure and only on the day did the surgeon inform me that it was a quite a serious one.I decided to go ahead due to doctors advice and the fact not doing anything may have lead to something happening later anyway,I didnt think at the time that it would result in my now constant discomfort. Oh any being on workers compensation is the worse thing ever,I was questioned my Risk Cover about where i lived despite the fact I informed them there was another person with my name in the department,she lived near the city, I was in the bush and good 8 hours drive away,i was made to feel like a criminal and the Return to work people? ..bloody useless.
My position is a manual too BTW and I need my hands and arms to work.
The best thing is that I know better now and have come through all those years of nastiness and bullying to be a stronger person,I thank my lovely GP for all hes done for me and being there when I needed him
Enough said............
and I still miss this place too


  1. Any Government department has their own interests at heart. The RBF who 'looks after' me doe the same thing every few years. They interview me too and try to make out I am not as ill as I am and should be back at work. Hopeless. It is a good thing that you can find some positives though and can give advice to others!!

  2. I have been considering pursuing a medical explaination for some weird pain/tingles in my elbow. I figured I damaged a nerve or two when I elbowed a table corner...twice in one week with some force. I will be mindful of your advice. I have never heard of a happy carple tunnel result. I need my arms to work too and don't want to risk not being able to use them. Humans are horrible to each other and insurance is just a huge con. I am glad you have become stronger. Stand tall and believe in yourself.

  3. Thanks lovely people,I would like to follow this up as the pain as worsened but I dont want to have surgery again,would just like a medical opinion of options,being workers comp makes it virtually impossible,just suck it up I suppose.

  4. Oh crappy for you :( I couldn't even get workers' comp for something that happened to me, but obviously sometimes it isn't the best thing anyway. Hugs <3

  5. I was talked into it by family and Doctor despite having been through it a number of years ago I thought with the legal process it would be all good,except Im left with not just this event but the remaining injuries from that one as well,i dont learn,lol,the thing I found the most baffling was the lack of care given by the immediate employers,the ones who were supposed to manage the situation,oh well, Ill poke along and learn from this one..(I hope)