Saturday, July 13, 2013

It was that time

Yes it was my Birthday yesty,I spent it chasing tradies around work locking and unlocking disarming and arming,finally by 2.45 they left,sit down and think,where did that day go..
in the mail was a delightful birthday swap(Raverly)  from Niss!!and Im floored with the beautiful lace weight,well thought out,I just hope I can do the same for my Pal
Thinking two patterns
This one cause it ll use it nearly all up
Or this one but need to see how i can get this pattern
And of course this look good too
Want to see one more i found?? Im thinking the handspun I have stashed  This stuff Not sure how much there is though maybe Ill combine a mix of stray skeins
 This is my Study place this weekend,hubby keeps asking how Im going,I keep saying yer good just need another 500 words....I think Ive spend $500 odd hard earned dollars on this unit,I couldnt access half the books I needed for the TEN in- text-citations and they havent sent my library card so I couldnt order them in through Curtin in Kalgoorlie ,living 64 ks away meant I coudnt just duck down after work and do any reading,at least Ill have a lovely library later and of course the next Essay unit will use them too
 All this weeks hand made socks washing,so soft and fluffy,Ive finally got game enough to wash the machine washables in with the dedicates in wool wash,they came out and survived..The others of course were hand wash only..
 I think I showed this before but cause it was sunny and because i could here it is again,Ixchel Fibres BFL Bunny and Silk,not sure what pattern yet,I'll count the yardage again later
 Bunny Camel is progressing

A beautiful fello work mate found me at work yesty and gave me another gift which was a total surprise,a lovely candle holder that features birds and their nests,i left on my desk at work but will take a pic this week.This lady might be leaving in the next year or two so I have time to gift here socks yet,I gave her the Misti Alpaca Thick and Thin cowl earlier this year.Anyhow must get back to writing!


  1. Happy birthday.
    I have to say I love the socks on the line!!

  2. Thank you!! So do I!!I still get excited to pick which Ones I wear each day! Those handspun ones are simply gorgeosu