Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sunday end of June

And another financial Year. I did manage this year to buy new work boots,the others Ive had for two years and giving me sore feet,having used them yet,probably give them a burl tomorrow.
the old Corriedale spun socks have been a wonderful find in the stash box,I washed them everyday except for the one night I forgot to hang in front of fire and had to use another pair of hand knitted think soxs.I have never had such lovely toasty toes before,normally i retreat to the shed to warm up on nasty days but no these saved my days!
And I found the other pair half knitted in the same box,as soon as I finish two UFOs Ill get them out and into service too,i had offered to son No 3 for his work experience day but no not for him,little does he know the value of warm fee,his loss my gain! the sole and heels have felted beautifully and its like wearing shearers moccasins! Roughly a DK,I have enough for a vest but I need to find a pattern that is easy wearing so not too much washing to save it from felting

Anyway I have some mail..
From Charly at Ixchel Fibres,this sooo colorful,definitely a shawl or wrap,two braids,Im spinning up Grasshopper first,its a camelbunny mix,very very fine and not fast to spin at all so it may be a while before this beauty gets on the wheel..dont have room to put two wheels out!

And a beautiful gift from a Friend in the UK,hand made and will be treasured forever.On the hunt for a tweedy style hat or I might weave the fabric myself!

My hat that got a work out last Sunday on the wet, wet day

The shawl thats nearly done,very hard colour to capture,its a real red raspberry,dont think recipient was that enthused as she did imply a raspberry pink but hey its a handknit!And Casbah! No more knitting for others for a while til UFO list has been diminished!!
,a solid hour I think will do it,but essay research comes first this morning,speaking of which is bright and sunny with a light cool wind,a comfortable winters day,still my in my PJs but with the house at last stirring ill be in the study uniform of trackies and jumper very soon
Oh cause its a lovely bright day i took this pic of Hubbys seedlings,celery and lettuce,I have to get busy and clean up my neglected garden,this week sometime before he tries to take it over and make yet another mess.(doesnt believe in weeding)

Edited to add,I saw these From the wonderful "Graduate Knits"
and went looking and found this...hmm too many things,not enough time
Not the colours I wanted as I really like the above Graduates Knits socks,sorry lassy for pinching pic but really wanted a record the colours and I have linked you!! Oh heres a nice one!!! Ok I must go

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