Monday, June 24, 2013

A Wet Weekend

I traveled with son No1 to Bunbury for the State round of MX,I enjoyed the trip down as Ive never been down that way and it was lovely and green and lots of sheep.
At the track we set up the tent ,it was dark by the time we got there and the grounds were filling fast. After staying the night in town ,Tom wanted to get there early next morning so it was up at 5am, no sleep in for two weeks was not going to be nice but I was Tommys Pit girl!!It was a bit damp and quite cool but by the end of the day it was pouring on and off ,the sandy track was swampy and how the riders stayed out there got me buggered. Tom did two races (in top ten place for first I think) and pulled out of the third after a few laps due to damage to his bike. He stacked it after he and another rider were knocked off by the third but after getting up and going again he took a big fall,cartwheeling himself the bike,I got a few good pics but had shifted to a different vantage spot, so missed him,probably just as well,thank God hes fit.
I dropped my assignment off Friday so I able to go with him as no one else would or could,I was worried he'd have a bad riding day and having to drive the 8 hours home that night for work at 4.30 next morning,it was bad enough I had to be at work at 6.30.Driving back was good but I was going to sleep after Southern Cross,got to drive sons beaut V8, old memories never die,hot and fast!
He didnt stay this color long....

On the way down i nearly finished a Turning Square hat in Black 10 ply Luxury for him but forgot to take DPNs so did it today though I think when he tries it on I ll reknit the crown on the 4.5 mm instead of the 3./34s I had in work bag.Id forgotten how nice Bendigo WM Luxury is,might make a Robin in it for me

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