Thursday, June 13, 2013

Just a Sound

Its a Grinspoon song Ive been listening to from their Black Rabbits Album,I love this one,the cellection I mean..

Humming along to it as write here and enjoy the last few minutes of quiet before everyones home and hubby makes his presence known...
pics to feast upon  PS i dont seriously remember if Ive blogged about any of this but indulge me for this one time..
More stash
Not socks,a shawl or scarf

 Finally got enough for a vest,its so scrummy!
 this will be socks
 This will..I dont know.sort of wondering about finishing off the rest of top,working out how much and hand dying it a color like blue or raspberry tone and making a large shawl in a diamond pattern maybe
Oh Bear made his appearance so I put him in pride of position,I have to get his offsider out and made

 just had to share this again
 Pillaga pottery,love its color
 new shawl nearly half way in Casbah which dosent feel like Casbah,some colors I found make the yarn harsh to feel and this is definitely not as soft as the other chocolate skein I got with it
 The Rikke hat I will be wearing this weekend,its a heavy Dk and I would have used it as a worsted weight

 Patonyle DK,what can I say, these are the highest socks Ive ever knitted but I wanted to use up the entire three balls so I weighed it until nearly half way through so Ill just a bit left for darning later
 with a 2x2 cable on every 5th row~
It was sooo cold at work today but yesterday was worse,1' this morning yes but yesterday,it was overcast and cold all day, the frozen soup hubby brought down in the morning and left in the car but didnt tell me..was still frozen that afternoon when I got home,beat that!

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  1. That's a lovely wool selection, the green Waikiwi is so soft and warm- I made socks out of it. Oh a vest of Patonyle!! Is Rikke garter stitch in the round?? Beautiful red socks.