Monday, June 17, 2013


I know Im supposed to be finishing the essay with all the stuff I found yesty,5 sentences per paragraph and intext citations at least one for each paragraph.. Ill get to it in a minute ok??
I have two projects looking at me,a nearly done top,Im dying to ply as its super fine and so that means a shawl of size..but hang how on, did I end up on the Fat Quarter Shop page..
Im thinking that this would be nice for Son no 3,he doesnt want flowers yes of course but wants colour,he paints a little like me..

I think this will fit the bill
Im home sick with a horrible dry cough sort of,I think its bronchitis,hoping Hubby doesnt try dragging me off to shop,its been so cold at work,a day at home should help..
Ok some pics to share
 Theres a new cat in the neighborhood who doesnt know to stay in its yard,if Tilly gets close enough it will learn,meanwhile Bunnies have to stay inside and are not happy
 Saw this church in Subiaco, love it,wish I had big camera with me
 Misti Alpaca cowl made in feather and fan pattern and gifted to long serving lady at work
And this one,Casbah...hmm yum, I cant remember name but fast effective and simply gorgeous,gifted to another lady who helped last year in a delicate situation,it came a bit finer than I wanted but it still well received tears and all,aww I love gifting
the next one is the Berry Shawl,Im at halfway point,should be done this week! It looks like Im off to Bunbury this Saturday,i refused to let son1 drive down and back after a big race day without a co driver,Hubby thinks Im being too cautious but after sons tales of last trip to Perth,I cant let him go alone,if Son 2 goes all good. Ill knit his beanie on the way down and study while he races,prob get more peace on the trip than at home,hahaha
Oh Im nearly done with those red Patonyle socks too

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