Sunday, September 25, 2005

Well here we go, my 2nd post, isn't my school garden doing well, just love these flowers!!!!
Now look at my current project.................... its above the plants, for some reason this site is being difficult tonite. These are a beautiful socks in 8ply and fairly quick and hopefully I will complete the second this week.
I am going to keep trying to add to this post and hopefully learn on the way to improve and MAKE it do what I want!!!!!!
Well it wouldn't go in the sequence I wanted, so I'll leave this for now at least I had fun!!!!!!! and you can see I have doing something besides adding to my stash,,,,which I will talk about another time......


  1. How's the socks going?
    They look just like the picture!

  2. Oh if you have any thing you want to know about setting up your blog just email me.
    You'll find it on the about page.
    good luck.