Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Eve 08

Wow didn't this year go fast,I found it a bit stressfull both at work and the normal I guess bits that come raising 5 sons, girlfriends and all..

I made a concerted effort not to mention work about half way through the year,it was not nice to find out who your friends were and the lack of support..the end of the year was a lot better with my confidence given a boost with roles given to me by senior staff and their visions for next year.My apologies to those I lent on for a bit of moral support,you know who you are and Ill be eternally grateful for that!

I managed to complete a few Christmas goodies for friends,

  • Voodoo Wrist warmers in Merino Heirloom,pale pink
  • Spring Hat in handdyed Inca,sorry no photos
  • another Hat for wearing with long hair,again no photos,white Inca
  • Socks in Cleackheaton Naturals,beige colours in the Campfire pattern for Dad
  • A cotton washcloth for a work friend
  • a Quilted bag from a Home spun mag, gorgeous pattern a easy pattern that looks wonderful!

I used half a metre of each fabric but had to cut outside into two pieces to make the flower go in the right direction,would like to make another!!

A close up of the details I added.

I loved this pattern,Campfire! So apparently did Dad but he hadnt tried them on when I talked to Mum!

Currently sitting and waiting for job replies for Hubby,his mine shut a few weeks ago,cant remember if I posted here,its been awhile..promises are hanging but its presumed nothing will happen til after the holiday break anyhow

At least hes mowed the lawn a few times cleaned up the backyard and thank G.. I work,thats my peace,LOLOn the spinning front I have a gorgeous bundle from Ixchel Fibres, Bunny fluff and merino,havent done much spinning for a couple of weeks but have now till Sundy off so I hope to do a bit with the Regal Fluff. Ill be going into work Friday to water though,have to make up a few hours after I took Tuesday off,so tired,the thought of Crissy wasnt even exciting.I was given the idea that had the other person not be working I couldnt take that day,bit unfair considering Ive the last two Christmases on my own...couldnt add to that but Im being a good girl and not bringing work here...

Hubby bought me a devine eternity ring last week,five diamonds for five sons,its a cool antique style,love it...Had the opportunity to try on my finger an Arglye Pink Diamond worth an astonishing $10 000.. apparently they only expect to mine the pinks(not sure about other colours) for another two years,if you have one look after it ,it ll be worth a mint!!

Ill be back with piccies...Edited

Piccies and later I post about my gift this year,LOL


  1. Anonymous9:58 PM

    Merry Christmas to you and yours Cathy - I hope 2009 is full of health and happiness!

  2. Merry Christmas! Do we get to see a pic of the ring? Sounds gorgeous!

    Pfft to work I say!

  3. Hope you had a lovely Christmas, best of luck with hubby and a job.
    Still amazed at the amount of projects you get through with work & family. Loved the bag