Friday, March 13, 2009

As Usual

Well,I have no excuse for not updating,it started when the awful fires went through Victoria,I found I couldnt put words down,couldnt sit and ponder as I normally do,there is a draft for a meme that I just didnt get back too,maybe today!

Since I last posted Ive managed to spin heaps,finish a few small items,a couple of kid dramas,trips to specialists etc and believe it or not!!!!!we also managed to get away for a weekend trip to the Wagin Woolarama,Sheep,my dears,loads of big and varied woolly and non Woolly kind,Hubby also saw steak on legs,I believe Ive never seen him veer off direction so fast,ahem I shouldnt talk,I saw woolly goats and I went the opposite direction....the poor boys,sitting for hours to be dragged around looking animals and waiting to talk to the owners..Well they did get to go bush driving with Dad ,with me going crook about my car and its new tires,boys and a sandy bush track....
We left at 8.30 on the Friday,I took that day off as Ive been ill with something yet to be checked ,suspicious of what it is but I wont go into it here...we went straight into Kal as Hubby had checked The Tires the day before and declared at least two were baldy enough to be illegal,hello!!!Id been telling him for weeks or more that we had to look into tires,no he went and bought the mechanics for his self opening gates ....
Anyhoo,we got the tires fitted,left Kal came all the way home to pick up the bits we forgot,important stuff like credit cards,gave me an opportunity to check oldest son again as hed had a nasty gash to his head the night before,he refused to go with us on this epic weekend,it really needed stitches but the Nurses Station was shut and the stupid Health Line was useless...
We got to Southern Cross at about 2 ish,had the most god awful hamburger,(Id been hanging for one at Merriden) talked to mates at the tire service there,Porridge booked a spot to learn to spin at the Southern Cross Show in a few months....
Anyhow,he recommended we check out Frog Rock up the road, a short cut off the tourist road sort of thing!!
It was fantastic,we have sort of worked out there are rocks everywhere in WA,Check out the map I added!!

Frog Rock near Southern Cross

It was a warmish day and all over the rock surface were lizards,(Ornate Dragons,) sunning themselves,the boys were beside themselves and spent a marjority of their time trying to catch at least one,it was hilarious watching them sprinting after these lizards who were much fsater on their back legs!!!! Boys ,nil,Lizards, heaps!!
Me ,I tried to find the frogs making the noises in the sheltered little ponds dotted all over the crevise areas...

Wave Rock,Hyden

We stayed at the resort at Wave rock and it was the best one we have ever stayed at,it wasnt finished but there was heaps of room and could accomodate at least 7 to 8 people,a bathroom to swing a cat in,quiet to the point the crickets and birds were audible but no car sounds at all! The kitchen was great,the living areas was equally so and in short we loved it, even though our stay was short.

The man made wall around the top of the rock was designed to to catch water for the local water supply and still supplements the towns supplies,the whole time we were there was spent on the rock checking out the rock formations etc,It was well worth the trip and even being late to get to Wagin.The best part of this trip was the fact we werent really fussed on time,w just drove around...the bake shop at Hyden was wonderful too,yummy brekky there before we headed off.

I liked the fact it was quiet and there werent a heap of people roaming everywhere,enough to show it was a fav stop for tourist like us though. We plan more trips like this in the future and hope to go again to Wagin and towards Mt Barker and Albany.We still looking at farming areas to buy a farm of some kind and we wont know until we do go and have a look!!!

Ill be back with Part 2 later...


  1. That rock is amazing! Glad you had a nice quiet time.

    I hope you are okay!

  2. The wavy rock looks amazing.

  3. You had to wait until SC to get a burger even though you wanted one at Merredin? My stomach would've leapt out and started devouring the car or DH or something!
    The granite extrusions in WA are fascinating - we had a great time checking some out :-)

  4. Hey, lovey. Good to hear from you.

    Glad you had a good time, and you know my ears pricked up at the mention of Frog Rock. The Wave Rock has been on our list of Must-See Sites for years, ever since we first saw it on one of those travel shows, but I've now added Frog Rock. Eventually, we will come west, though probably not 'till the boys are older (if I have my way, it'll be on the Indian Pacific. TS wants to drive the whole way).

    Can't wait to see Part 2!