Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 09

Well its another year and another Easter,I didnt lash out and buy heaps of choccy for the family this year and I havent really done so in the past as well,I reckon from the beginning that with 5 boys that money would always be an issue.A simple single giant egg was what I always got and so far thats all they expect even though their friends have Mums who have fallen for the commercised era of gifts and expensive ones at that.

I ve tried unsuccessfully to relax this 4 day break but the fears of what lays ahead has arrisen especially at night.I feel Im looking for solitude more and more ,though the family just thinks Im either selfish dont love them anymore or plain just dont get whats on...
Today,the last day I finally feel a bit more relaxed,Ive done afair bit of spinning,nearly up to the next pattern stage of the lovely swallow tail pattern, fingers crossed I have enough wool.On top of this Ive finished 2 pairs of socks for the firefighters and one adult size SES beanie.On the list for these holidays in the terms of time rather being at home, on leave yeah right,I have 2 child size beanies ,SES ones(the adult one was very large), and Kogo Beanies which Im going to find a an aran pattern and knit up what they sent,yucky acrylic but hey it was donated..with the thicker doubled yarn at least it will knit faster as Im behind in these charity knit projects...
Off to Toodyay next month,5 weeks and counting,I hope to have at least my first swallow tail done so I can wear it,a new bag for my Victoria Louet Wheel after the Rodent had managed to eat a fair portion of its base,I still love him though!
I haven't any piccies of projects as yet but will endevour this week..
On the up side, have to add something ,hey, otherwise its boring!!Our car has had a new coat of paint and is looking swishy,Im taking extreme car,B has waxed it and polished the old dear,put new batteries in the remotes,she under cover and behind the flash new gates that are also remote controlled.Read that? remote gates,I hit the open button as I approach the haouse and the door grind open ,I drive in and hit the button again even before I turn on the key and I inside out of the weather,the rabbit hasnt worked it out yet and the dog is amused.One of Bs toys that I actually enjoy playing with!! On the other hand it means Ill have to ride or walk to work as much as possible and Im so afraid of damaging the new paint work!!Have a gecko here and check out the number plate again...
And just for the beauty of nature this gorgeous dragonfly landed just in time for me to capture him on camera,these a bit rare around here,the last rain has brought a few interesting insects out,hope we get some more rain soon!
This is the last of the Jarob Farm corrie that Im just spinning up now.The last 4 batts I carded with some nylon for sock strength,I should be knitting them up ina week or two.These are destined to be on display at the Southern Cross Show,Im aiming to enter a few things this year too,havent made a definite list yet but have some ideas,Im hoping there ll be sufficient catagories.Another lady I was talking to last year was enthusiastic about doing something this year too so Id like to give her some competition!! Friendly of course!!!!
Anyhow heres to our wee Bilby,one of my fav native Aussies,I really love them all but heres the occasion to greet these little blokes!!!


  1. And you said I'd been busy, can't possibly compete with the amount of projects you're getting through.

  2. Hi Cathy

    If you were after some Cleckheaton 12ply, The Ebay seller I used was spili80, her name is Rose and has a knitting store in Werribee, from what she said she went directly to The Patons factory and picked up a whole heap of the discountinued yarn for a good price, so she's able to sell it a $2.50 a ball. She was very good to deal with.

  3. how nice to have remote gates. Everything should be remote that can be. You sure have been busy with things. I am like you and didn't go silly with buying too many easter eggs, I do love the easter eggs.

  4. Hi Cathie

    If you don't see enough for what you want to in Rose's Ebay item, just send a question through, she could have loads more, and she will e-mail back about doing a Buy It Now for you for the amount you need