Saturday, July 16, 2011

Gee times running out

Bugger me the week ended before I could get some things done including murdering some clover,Ill have to go into work tomorrow and spray and water new plants ,leave paper work for a certain Staffy and then wizz home and pack!!
Its going to take me at least days to get back and probably abit longer coming home with aheavy load,I will definitely take alot of pics this time and store them properly
I plied a skein of Charleys Churro this morning and washed it,one more to go and there should be enough for socks which I want to start NOW
Looky I found an ld project I was working on last winter,I think a bug had a chew but only had to reknit two rows,I have to decrease for crown now and I cant find the sock needles so hopped on Ebay and bought a pile of Knit pro cords and ends in sizes I need for these type of projects.I really want to wear this hat when at home as its going to be freezing and Mum has no heating,the beds will feel like ice so we ll be taking hot water bottles,LOL
The trouble is I have so many on the go I use up my supply,LOL Oh this is a wurm hat,I did one for my Mum last year with the ruffle scarf the same colour in  Sensation,(pale blue) Ive got some pale pink here someplace I  would like to do the same set again for me~
Got my eye on another pattern for a pack of Cleakheaton Silk in raspberry,called Harvest Moon, by Heidi Kirrmaier,I love the pockets though Im a bit worried the neck linarrowne will be too low and end up sliding off shoulders as I have  bony  narrow parts there! Ive got soem dark lime green too but dont know how much,probably a vest! Ive been wanting to cast on for a long time for that old pattern Vestish ,have some burnt ornage mohair and abit other stuff that I had in mind,also three packs of that cleackheaton charcoal tweed naturals,boy I think I hve enough to stock a shop.
I ve got to set up a project bag and realistic one at that to take with me too.Im driving the whole way (3500 odd k) and can only really knit and spindle during stop overs if Son no 3 dosent get cranky ! He should pleased with the ammount Ive managed to plough through!!That said off to bed for me,have sooo much to do!

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  1. Anonymous3:36 AM

    You blow me away my dear friend, you travel safely and I promise I will come the next trip to Kambalda, nearly got windows done.