Thursday, April 04, 2013

So Tired

It was a long day yesterday,flew to Kal for Hule Dash test,up at 5am to get lunches ready for boys school and work,drove into town,65kms,in time for a half hour sit before boarding,they were running a bit late,hit Perth,had something to eat,grabbed a couple of balls of sock wool,the NZ one,a ball of very bright blue Noro sock,I might get another one I think later,at first I thought I might knit a largish shawl mixing this new one with a brownie pink I already have,we ll see
Had Hule dash test,headed back to Subiaco for a coffee and resisted a visit to Susans,there was a gorgeous,purple peasant top,hopefully there ll be one in Dubbo next week,lol
Back to Airport at 3.30pm to confirm late delayed flight,sat around for three hours and finally got home last night at 9pm,today I cut back the sports oval,the one they wont water..and boy I am totally trashed...
did I say i visited art shop and picked up four more brushes and also some touch up super soft pastels,in the pale yellow grey blue and red,they hardly look any different,at least im working my way to a decnet collection of AS pastels.
Only linkys tonight..
Only a few days and Im officailly on holidays,diving back to Mothers on Wednesday at this stage,not sure if I have passengers,it will be at least a two day maybe a three day trip to get there...

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