Monday, April 20, 2015

Its getting cooler

Fast... I have a wool jumper on in the morning now,though off by 11,a hot shower when I get home and Pjs...
Shoulders are not good today but Im under pressure to keep my side of grounds in good order,so today I was using garden shovel to cut the saltbush weeds from ground and raked into piles,I cant lift my right arm freely but hope that will settle when I rest from heavy work. The Thai ointment given to me by a work friend has helped butI fear its going to take more than rest and cold packs,Dr is suggesting further treatment,Im on a waiting game. I have to give up idea of the Back to Back Comp at Toodyay though I hadnt heard from organsiers anyway. I thinking if I can taking leave to go home for a couplae weeks then back to work and see how I go,its so darned debiliating,Ive lost any zest for life,I go to bed early and lay there watching TV,no knitting or sewing just in limbo. Same with uni work though I have a long weekend coming up so I may get the first drawings done,havent been game to see if marks are back for last one..
on another note check out these beautiful roses I had on bushes last Sunday

 And the long awaited orange geranium has shown it can perform..

and my two friends arrived to say hello
And look at these Peruvian Lillies,def going back to get some for me..

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  1. So Beautiful.

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