Monday, December 26, 2005

Hey everyone,hope Christmas was a beaut day full of fun and relaxation!
Haven't been on for ages,the computor lost the harddrive twice due to a virus imported from a friends computor,and of course I was just busy and too tired to do anything outside school and kids.
I managed to complete the red socks even if it was a little late but they will be winging their way to Tasmania to the lucky recipient!
Now I have started a pair for my youngest son as he was keen to have a pair all for him.Well his foot is still fairly small so it shouldn't take long.

The red socks were made of patonyle that I found on Ebay,and this colour isn't available anymore according to Patons! and guess what!!!! I found more of it,(along with cream and black),enough for four pairs and left overs to play colour blocks with!

Christmas bought me a bundle of Freedom Cotton,that I was eyeing off for ages and I am being strong so that I don't start it until some UFO's are finished!Wish me luck!!!!!!

And a bag that I "guided" my blood to buy for me,with help from our lovely neighbour who is the shop owner where the bag was temperarily living!Just right for my sock projects and colourful as well! Its at the top of page,perfect for me,thanks boys!!!!!!!!!!!!

The beginning of Bens socks, yesterday!!

and today,looking good!

My Camera has made some photos upside down and didn't realise til after I had put it on here,but I have fixed future editions by changing to landscape!!!!!!!!!

I have been looking hard at this blog and would like to liven it up a bit,at least put in my favourite Blogs and Magazines or wool sites, so if they don't happen I'm still figuring it out!

I check these ladies out heaps as they are, as obssessed with yarns etc as me, and 'allittook' gave me the encouragement to try Blogging!!

My fav Mags

Shops ,(a few any way) love the discussion board! neat as................... One of the originals! a great discovery this was, I can't wait for each season!

and heaps more.......I hope to buy some sock wool from international buyers this coming year especially the petticoat Opal,a link to which I shall add next blogging session,I'm off to chase boys (little ones I mean!!!!) and try to add a couple of inches to " Ben" the name I have given the stripey socks started yesterday,Cheers...............................

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